1. Find a railing to hang on to. Lift the ball of your foot and find your balance point. Try this on one foot, then repeat with both feet.
  2. Begin with your feet together.
  3. Step forward, leading with your strong leg, and balance on the heel assembly.
  4. While the strong leg is balanced on the heel,
  5. Use the trailing leg to push your body forward; then quickly lift the ball of your foot and balance on the wheel.
  6. Pull yourself along the railing at first, while finding the balance point.
  7. And to make sure you donít bust, keep your trailing foot directly behind the leading foot.
  • Hold a handrail or door jam while finding your balance point.
  • Lock the knee of the trailing foot.
  • Keep one foot directly behind the other.
  • Go over cracks at an angle.
  • To Heel faster run into the motion instead of stepping or pushing.
  • If you think youíre going to do a face plant, 
    just put your toes down and walk out of Heeling motion.